SATRYCON – Leave It (MOXIE) 1969


SATRYCON – ’Leave It’ / ’Just The Two Of Us’ (Moxie Records 202) 1969

Here’s a band I know nothing about?

Moxie Records operated out of Johnstown, PA so maybe the strangely named Satrycon hailed from this region.

’Leave It’ is menacing heavy psych with bursts of fuzz complete with a freak-out climax. It has been compiled before on ’Come Fly With Us’.

I don’t have this comp but maybe there are liners giving details about the band.

The flip is an uncompiled song titled ’Just The Two Of Us’. To my ears this one has a much more commercial sound. It’s a groovy funk rock work out with a dominant hammond organ sound, backing vocals but sadly no fuzz.

I saw this 45 on eBay this week (Feb 2009) with a minimum bid of $300. here’s what the seller had to say.

Very rare and hard to find garage 45 by SATRYCON titled LEAVE IT b/w JUST THE TWO OF US on MOXIE 202 in VG+ condition. Almost all copies were lost in the 1977 Johnstown Flood. This record NEVER shows up EBAY. heavy FUZZ from beginning to end.

This is only the second copy that I have had in the last 30 years and I produced this record. You may never see another one again. It has JB written on it but it is hard to see.
Seller: skitscatscooter

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  1. I was the drummer for this band and we were a popular club and wedding band in the area. This was our first recording of original music. The band was a trio cover band and together 30 years with the only changes in the guitarist. The music and band mates were always fun.

  2. Thanks for the update…If you ever visit my site again I\’d like you to confirm where Satrycon were based and any other small details important to garage/psych historians.expo67

  3. you need to mention that there was no bit on the record! i saw 2 weeks before that action on on for 127 us dollars. anyway great record!

  4. As far as Satrycon, the band, It was based in Johnstown Pa and was a trio of Guitar, drums and keyboard with keyboard bass. On this recording the Band members were Larry Faust on keyboards, George \”Butch\” Lafferty on guitar and Sam Coco on drums. Butch had the lead vocal on \”Just the Two Of Us\” and Larry was lead on \”Leave It\”. All three members did lead and backing vocals. (comment from Sam Coco)

  5. Thanks for the precise information Sam. If you've got any more facts about your old band or even pictures to share please let me know via my email address.EXPO67


  7. Anyone know what happened to Butch?He also was a school bus driver and he drive me to VoTech in 1972

  8. I just found your blog while doing some research on Johnstown rock bands. I played guitar for Satrycon from 1976 to 1978, after original guitarist George \”Butch\” Lafferty left for California. This was probably Johnstown's #1 band at the time; Larry on Hammond Organ/Key Bass, Sam on drums and Tom on guitar, and we all sang. I moved to San Diego in 1978, Larry is still playing around town as a single, and Sam has been playing guitar with \”Hardrock, Coco and Joe,\” an acoustic trio. Would love to make contact with anyone from that scene. Check out or Looking forward to reminiscing with you!

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