COUNTDOWN – Georgia (POLYDOR) 1967


COUNTDOWN – ‘Georgia’ / ‘Alexandrina (The Great)’ (Polydor 53 110) 1967

All I know about Countdown is that they were from Germany. But these guys wore Carnaby Street gear not those tight lederhosen things Bavarian dudes usually wear.

I’ve not been able to find out anything online or in certain reference books/fanzines I have. As far as I know the songs on this 45 have never been compiled. So they’re a mystery unless someone can shed some light on the obscure Countdown.

‘Georgia’ is a must hear slice of psychedelia. If I could post some sounds I would but unfortunately computer problems mean that’s not possible. The general sound is a German take on English ’67 psych, very similar in sound to Manfred Mann’s perfect tune ‘Up The Junction’.

The flip ‘Alexandrina (The Great)’ has a tougher sound with wah wah guitar.

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  1. Hello !\”The Newcomers\” were founded `65 in Oberhausen, Ruhrgebiet, Germany.In `66 they were winners of the Oberhausener Beatfestival and recorded four coversongs, which appeared on the sampler \”Beat Beat Beat\” (Gong 74999, 1966). In 1967 they recorded a single (CBS 3282), then they changed their name to \”Countdown\”.They appeared on another sampler (\”Beat Of The Groups\”, S*R International 92382, 1967) with one coversong, then recorded the single you mention, which my source says is from 1968.Members wereJürgen Triebel- voc, kbUli Wietz- lgAlbert Reith- bPeter Meiners- drGünter Freikamp- rg (until `67)Ulrich Reek- g, b (from `67 on)Source:Hans- Jürgen Klitsch- Shakin`All Over (german book about german beat from `63 to `67)Cheers, Joey

  2. Greetings from Germany!I may give you some more information about the \”obscure\” Countdown (former \”newcomers\”) from Oberhausen, Germany. The lead guitar player \”Uli\” Wietz is my father. This website is really amazing; great work!Christopher (28)

  3. Thanks for your information Christopher. Your father played on a really cool psychedelic record from Germany.

  4. Alexandrina is a great song, but what's it all about. Can't quite hear most of the lyrics. Anyone help?. Christopher maybe your Dad can help.

  5. Hello Grit!Sorry for the delay. Haven't been on this website for a long long time – I'll ask my father, he will check the lyrics and answer your question. Greetings from germany. Christopher

  6. Dear Grit,my name is Uli Wietz (Christopher`s father) , composer and singer of ALEXANDRINA. I am very glad about your interest in this „OLD“ music! It`s a pity I couldn`t find the lyrics (neither written nor printed) – so I`ll try to remember them:Who`s that walking through the park gate twice a day, early and late?Has a dog and feeds the birds – that`s: ALEXANDRINA THE GREAT!She is old -a- forty-nine and doesn`t like being alone,Smells the flowers, hears the brass-band, her little dog begs for a bone.ALEXANDRINA, a typical sort of an old maid,And when I see her out there something makes me feel sad! – S O L O – ALEXANDRINA I called her because it just suits her,„GREAT“ I took on when I saw that she`s just a brave loser.In her life there were no complications,never felt a feel of real sensations,she was never happy, never in love, but didn`t mi___nd!Now life`s gone but she`s not lived it, ran down like a clockwork-gadget,I`m afraid that mine couldn`t match it – How can I still make the grade?ALEXANDRINA THE GREAT !! …………………………………………………Dear Grit, I hope I could help you a little bit to understand those words – excuse my mistakes (GERMAN!)and enjoy the song Greetings from Germany,Uli Wietz

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