THE EX-CELS – Like A Dream (CORAL) 1966


THE EX-CELS – ’Like A Dream’ / ’Sorrow And Pain’ (Coral 62482) April 1966

’Like A Dream’ has a simplistic but memorable beat and sounds like a Troggs record. I haven’t been able to find out much about the band other than the following:

According to Fuzz, Acid And Flowers The Ex-Cels were from Gloversville, New York. However, ’Like A Dream’ was compiled on Sixties Rebellion Volume 1 and they suggested a Californian location.

’Sorrow And Pain’ was listed as a ’DJ Spotlight’ on the KAMP 1430 AM, El Centro Top 30 Survey on 13th April 1966. So maybe this is where the California connection came from. Anyone know for sure?

UPDATE 26/09/11: Local rock historian Mike Johnson sent in some information about The Ex-Cels. He confirmed that they hailed from Gloversville, NY and were previously known as The Ashley Brothers.

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  1. I went to High School In the Gloversville area and we had the Ex-Cels for dances. They were unbelievably good. A three-piece band that rocked. I remember being in Jr High School and they treated me great whenever I approached them at dances. I do think they cut a record in NY under the name \”The Ashley Brothers\” but I'm not totally sure on this. At any rate, they sang great and played great. I particularly remember them doing \”Girl Come Running\” by the 4 Seasons and nailing it. A great bunch of guys who could have made it if the timing had been right. They had all the tools.

  2. I sure wish that the music player above worked. I would love to hear that record, including the other side. Could you email me mp3's ? The two posts above are pretty much right on. The \”Ex-Cels\” are \”The Ashley Brothers\”. There was a popular recording group from Texas called \”The Excels\” at the same which may explain the name change. Dan Licardo is the drummer, Jim Licardo is the guitarist, and their cousin Sal Leo is the bassist. Very stong band. Thier vocals are beyond words, which explains why they got so much recognition. In recent years I saw Sal join Jimmy during one of Jim's solo gigs \”The Music Man\”. They sang \”Some Kind Of Love\”. I was so lucky to be there. Years earlier I had seen Jim and Dan play a hundred times with thier two piece band \”Act Two\”. They featured thier popular hits in thier shows. I never saw the three of them together. I was too young. I am aware of about five songs that have been recorded by them as a three piece band. Sal told me of a time when they were playing a gig in Chicago and got back to thier hotel after the show. They turned on the radio and heard their song being played. He said it meant allot to them at the time. Sal told me that his kids have a band called The Flying Bobs, but I have not seen them yet. Mike Johnson-Gloversville class of 1978.

  3. I am the son of Sal Leo. I have all 10 tracks that the Ashley Brothers and Ex-cels recorded. I can email you mp3's if you are interested. -Salvatore Leo

  4. Hello, Mr. Leo!If you could please email me at, I'd love to chat with you about any Ashley Bros recordings you may have. My dad was involved with the early versions of that band (drummer Kent Brown), as was his good friend, JD Aldrich. I'd love to surprise him with some recordings for Father's Day!! Any help you can offer would be appreciated- thanks so much! -Trisha

  5. Salvatore, I'm the son of Dan Licardo and 2nd cousin to your father. I don't think you and I have ever met. It's been a long time since my last Leo Family Reunion. If you have copies of our dad's music in an MP3 format, I would love to have them. You can email them to me at Feel free to contact me anytime. Also, please tell your family that I send my love. Take care. – Dan Licardo

  6. I'm happy to chime in here as well. I'm Tom DeSimone, Steve DeSimone was my Dad. He played in Act III with his cousins Jim Licardo and Dan Licardo. I also have many reel-to-reel tapes that my dad made of his various musical endeavors in the 70's. One of them has the Ashley Bros. on it, but I have yet to transfer that into digital format. Happy to find you guys here, hope you check back and see my comment. I had started a blog a while back documenting family music stuff, both old and new. Some of this is on there as well. I would love to connect with all you guys.

  7. I am the one of two daughters of the drummer, Dan Licardo! This is really awesome to see people interested in my dads music. I grew up listening to it and hearing about it. If anyone, especially relatives of the band would like to contact me my email is – Katriane Licardo

  8. I am one of two daughters of the drummer, Dan Licardo! This is awesome to see people interested in my dads music. I grew up listening and hearing about it. If anyone is interested in contacting me, especially relatives of the band, my email is – Katriane Licardo

  9. In the Spring of 1968, I was in a band called The Family Jewels, and we playeda 12 week residency at The Frat House in Albany, NY. The other band was the Ex-Cels. We would trade off sets so there was continuous music. All of those guyswere great… we really liked their music and we had a lot of laughs. Their vocalswere incredible, especially for a trio. And Sal was hilarious between songs. Great memories… Sandy Alexander

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