After a foray into 70s punk with a change of pace and a chance to re-charge by batteries (so to speak) I\’m ready to drop back into the 60s (I wasn\’t going to but I\’ve looked around and most other sites catering for 60s music are pretty much below par, heavy on the \’cut & paste\’ from other sites with abyssmal label scans and pics not to mention the lo-fi MP3 files)…

As Spring approaches here in England (and for the next two or three months) it\’s time to please myself and one or two others with the sounds of lyte psych, harmony pop & sunshine vibes. If you dig releases like Fading Yellow, Soft Sounds For Gentle People or my own Gear! comps you\’re in for a treat.

If anyone wants a particular record reviewed or can suggest some interesting ones that may fit my criteria (harmonies, tambourines, fuzz free upbeat flower pop….) drop me an email or leave a message at this post.  

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