THE MOJOS – THE MUFFETTS – a look back with drummer Charles Jarrett

The Mojos were a group of teenagers who got together in their home towns of St Albans and Hurricane, WV, to play British Invasion rock ‘n’ roll.

The Mojos: L-R Paul Selan, Charles “Pedro” Jarrett, Rob Harris and Joe Clatworthy

I recently exchanged emails with Charles Jarrett who was the drummer in popular West Virginia group The Mojos. Charles has provided me with relevant information about his 60s group(s) and permission to use the pictures used in this entry.

The Mojos were a group of teenagers who got together in their home towns of St Albans and Hurricane, WV, to play British Invasion rock ‘n’ roll. During the early part of 1965 The Mojos started to earn themselves a solid reputation at gigs along with a healthy following.

Soon afterwards Jay Jarrell, a local DJ from Charleston became involved with The Mojos securing them better gigs at a St Albans night club called “The Thunderball” and helped them produce their self penned debut 45 ‘What She’s Done To Me’ / ‘Go’ (Mojo 88/124) in 1966.

‘Go’ in particular is a punchy merseybeat inspired mover with a neat guitar break. Both songs were compiled in the early 90s on Sixties Rebellion Volume 14.

At this point in time The Mojos consisted of:
Tom Crouse (vocals)
Joe Clatworthy (vocals/guitar)
Robert Harris (guitar)
Paul Selan (bass)
Charles Jarrett (drums) 

The Mojos at The Thunderball

Boosted by their growing reputation and a sold out single (500 copies) The Mojos secured gigs outside of St Albans and Charleston. On a visit to Columbus in 1967, The Mojos were talent spotted by Scott Graves at a venue called The Sugar Shack. He took over from Paul Selan’s father as group manager and proposed that The Mojos relocate to Columbus with a name change to The Muffetts.

Joe Clatworthy

At this point original bass player Paul Selan quit the group and was replaced by Steve Farley. The renamed group The Muffetts quickly established themselves as a solid group in Columbus and soon found themselves travelling to Louisville to cut their second 45, ‘Heather Girl’ / ‘Lost’ (Counterpart Records 2629) with producer Ray Allen who is familiar with me as the producer for The Bad Boys and The Fifth Order.

‘Heather Girl’ was a popular local record and sales were brisk. I particularly dig the flip ‘Lost’ – This side is tinged with psychedelia and is notable for the trippy guitar runs with wah wah. ‘Lost’ got played on American Bandstand “Rate A Record” segment with Dick Clark indicating that it was one of the highest rated songs ever on that segment of the show.

‘Heather Girl’ / ‘Lost’ was picked up for national release by Laurie Records but I’m almost certain they never got around to releasing it.

(update from a reader) The Muffets ‘Lost’ was released on Laurie Records as I have a copy on #4560 (weird number for Laurie)

(L-R) Joe Clatworthy, Paul Selan, Jr., Rob Harris, & Charles “Pedro” Jarrett

The Mojos – ‘Go’ / ‘What She’s Done To Me’ (Mojo)
The Muffetts – ‘Heather Girl’ / ‘Lost’ (Counterpart Records)
A.G. Pygme and the The Muffett Company – ‘Son Of A Poor Man’ / ‘I Thought We Could Work It Out’ (Rondo)
The Muffetts – ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’ / ‘Make It Alright’ (Chelsea Ltd)

The scans of the rarely seen Muffetts 45 on Laurie Records was sent in by Gregg Conover, a fellow record archivist who writes about his own collection here:

10 thoughts on “THE MOJOS – THE MUFFETTS – a look back with drummer Charles Jarrett

  1. awesome stuff! Love those big Vox amps behind the boys-I have a late 60's Royal Guardsman amp, which is similar, and let me tell you, they are HEAVY HEAVY, even tho they have the neat troller….thanks! jim

  2. Great little piece.I recently spent an evening with Joe Clatworthy and Bob Harris,Joe is a friend of 30 plus years,and Bob a friend of friend's/relatives going back much further. I stop by Joe's a few times a month to see how he's doingJoe is recovering from a broken arm and eye surgery,but should be playing solo in the Charleston area when he's out of the cast. Joe is still a phenomenal talent with a killer stage presence.Bob still gigs with the members of the re-formed Mojo's and other bands. Excellent guitar player.The \”new\” version of the Mojo's performs a couple-three times a year around Charleston at various public gigs.Pedro,I haven't seen in years. Selan is a businessman in the Charleston area and still resides near Hurricane. I think Farley is still around? I hear his name mentioned from time to time talking to local musicians.After the Muffets,Joe went on to form the local powerhouse band \”Sunshine\” as a keyboard player/singer who's Hammond B-3 rocked the house.A note on Harris,he was from the town of Nitro,directly across the Kanawha River from St.Albans.(The town is named for a WWI munitions plant that the town was built around.) We Nitro boys stick together,especially us East Enders.Let me know what info you'd like on the band,and I'll ask the guys. I run into them regularly.

  3. I went to Whetstone, class of '69. I recently acquired the Muffetts' Heather Girl and Lost on a disk that was copied for a friend by one of his friends. Also on the disk is various Ohio stuff from back in the day from the Gears, the Fifth Order, the Dantes, the Rebounds, and the Emeralds.I never heard \”Lost\” until I got the disk. I had heard \”Heather Girl\” back when it was released and I always liked it, and remembered it. In fact, I have done searches over the years using \”Muffetts\” and \”Heather Girl\” in my search. I also remember \”Dance Dance Dance\” from the Muffetts but I don't think it got much radio play in Columbus. Of the handful of Muffetts tunes, \”Dance, Dance, Dance\” might be my favorite. But I haven't heard it in over 40 years, so it's hard to say. Maybe someday it'll appear on YouTube. Other remote songs can be found there.I vaguely remember going out to a bar called Pandora's Box in Reynoldsburg and just by chance the Muffetts were playing there… at least I think it was them. They may have had different personnel by then since that would have been 1969, or maybe 1970.

  4. I appreciate this exposure very much and want folks to know that Rob Harris and I (Pedro) play twice a year or so for the students at Ohio University Southern in Ironton, Ohio. I am finishing my career there as a professor of sociology next year. JV Collier (bassist with Bruce Hornsby) visits the campus every year to perform with Rob and myself. We have never performed any of the Mojos songs but perhaps we should for old times sake. Our next project is re-creating Woodstock, which Rob and I attended in our early twenties. Again, thanks for the memories. Charles \”Pedro\” Jarrett – Mojos Drummer

  5. Please give Joe my regards from Houston. We always had fun together. Robert Harris was, and no doubt still is, a fine player. Steve Farley lived up on Lang St. And I would stop by and listen to them at every opportunity. The last time I was in St. Albans, I enjoyed playing acoustic with Joe for a few hours. That was in 1991. So long ago. Hope he's doing well.

  6. Well I guess we sll remember things in our past different ly ….i was in high school in the 60's when the Mojo's ruled the music scene in our area … I was and am a friend to Joe …when he went to Columbus with the Muffets he later had a band called Stonejaw ….a rocking kickass band … Rob Harris …Bob Fronzt ..Michael Patterson … have been looking for Michael for years …a drummer …if anyone knows about him let me know …when Joe came back yo WV he played In a band called Sunrise with Gary Young ..Carl Nestmann …Bill Wharton and another guy that I can remrmber his name for the life of me … I'll tell Joe you all say hello

  7. Joe's my cousin. I see him around SA but hardly ever get a chance to say hello. When I was kid he was a legend in our family. I'm finishing up a novel called Heather Girl. When it's made into a blockbuster movie Heather Girl will be playing as the opening credits roll.

  8. Sad to report that Charles (Pedro) Jarrett (drummer for the Mojos and much, much more) passed away March 19, 2018.

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