“Valley Of Hate”

THE JUST LUV – ’Valley Of Hate’/’Good Good Lovin’ (M-S Records 216) 1970

updated post from 22/03/09

This band released just this one obscurity then were gone. It’s thought that they were from Detroit, Michigan but apart from that they’re a  mystery.’Valley Of Hate’ is a primitive garage protest with strong late 60s folk rock overtones.
It’s got some killer fuzz guitar breaks over a two note organ riff and judging from the lyrics it’s most likely about an encounter in Vietnam.

”I walk alone, no place called home,
In the valley of hate”.

Frank Rossi

The flip ’Good Good Lovin’ is a James Brown cover version, also recorded by English band The Merseybeats. This time around The Just Luv make this tune into a frat style mover with another killer guitar break (this cat could really play) and instead of the two note organ they utilize piano.’Valley Of Hate’ has been compiled a few times but not since the mid 80s. You’ll find it on Pebbles – Vol 16 & Punk Ballads Sampler. ’Good Good Lovin’ is yet to make a comp appearance.

Since I wrote my review almost two years ago Frank and Dave Rossi have been in touch by email. Frank kindly answered my questions about The Just Luv and provided me and fellow garage fans much needed and accurate
information about the all time classic anti Vietnam War song ’Valley Of Hate’

Just Luv line-up:

Joe Nazelli (guitar)
Rick Hoffman (keyboards)
Dave Rossi (drums)
Frank Rossi (bass and vocals)

Frank Rossi:

”We all were from Detroit but more on the edge of Detroit we were in bands together while in High School.

The Just Luv name was only used for the record but we played regularly under various names such as The Crestwoods, Great Plains Band and The Variety Pack. I don’t remember how the name Just Luv came about…probably something silly like being in love or getting married. I don’t think any photographs exist of the original four of us from back in the day.

I wrote the lyrics and music for ’Valley Of Hate’ whilst I was serving in Vietnam during 1969 and when I returned back to the States we recorded it in January 1970 at a studio called Sound Patterns in Farmington, Michigan…Joe Nazelli came up with that great guitar lead.

As far as I know only 100 records were pressed. The group kept some copies and the rest were sold at gigs or given away.

By the way there is a 5 minute version of ’Valley Of Hate’ on acetate…we had to re-record the vocals and shorten it for 45 release”

Originally posted on ’Flower Bomb Songs’ March 2011


Hey, thanks for this post. I now have a bit more insight into my father (Dave Rossi – drums) and his misspent youth as he likes to call it. It was so cool to hear the song too — I’d never heard it before! (Jenny)

One note of correction: My brother Frank mentions that we recorded this in January of 1970. I believe it was more like 1972 or 1973. I was married in 1972 and living in Lincoln Park (Detroit downriver suburb). I remember spending all night in the studio and crashing on my parents couch in Detroit.
Dave Rossi


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  1. ive got this on an eva lp garage punk psych comp,for eva it sounds really good sounded like it could of been recorded in 67 but i think that,s a compliment cause by 72-73 most bands had vastly gone into psych rock.this tune ive really liked because it tells it like it is.ive helped thevietnamwarsongsproject his compiled a massive lists of veitnam war songs.ive come across a few in soul & garage.the goal is to put the best vietnam war songs together in one place,one of us does country i help with the soul,garge punk & blues.this is a fine tune with powerful lyrics & a powerful message ive like it for many years.we think there are far to many vietnam comps with out any real vietnam songs on them they are just pop songs from the vietnam.but i have noticied a few cds that have come out but sadly not on analogue im all ways searching for the original sound recordings.

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