THE PARAMOUNTS – YOU\’VE GOT WHAT I WANT (unreleased in the 60s)

THE PARAMOUNTS – \’You\’ve Got What I Want\’ (Edsel ED-112) 1983

The Paramounts were an underrated beat combo from Southend who formed during the early days of the beat era in Britain and actually released their first record on Parlophone during December 1963.
\’Poison Ivy\’/\’I Feel Good All Over\’ went top 40 and was the beginning and the end of chart success for The Paramounts.

The best place to hear the group\’s music is via the early 80s retrospective on Edsel Records called \”The Paramounts – White Shades Of R\’N\’B\” – all of their single sides plus three unreleased cuts are represented.

One of these previously unreleased cuts is their pounding version of The Sorrows classic \’You\’ve Got What I Want\’, which really moves along at a blistering pace and has some cool vocals by Gary Brooker which he spits out in a savage way.

I don\’t know why The Paramounts decided not to do anything with \’You\’ve Got What I Want\’ as it\’s clearly a killer version. Maybe the timing wasn\’t right or something. After The Paramounts last studio recording during July 1966 at Abbey Road Studios in London, they broke up, then reconvened with a new sound and name….Procol Harum\’A Whiter Shade Of Pale\’ was released during May 1967 on Deram Records.

2 thoughts on “THE PARAMOUNTS – YOU\’VE GOT WHAT I WANT (unreleased in the 60s)

  1. Thanks for your compliment Mr Eliminator. I've made it my mission to find some obscure jewels for the rst of 2013.I've surfed onto your site a few times and I've always admired the lay-out.


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