THE SQUIRES – I CAN\’T DO IT (unreleased in the 60s)

THE SQUIRES – \’I Can\’t Do It\’ (Crypt Records LP-008) 1986

I\’ve already featured The Squires before when highlighting \’Rink Bash\’, another one of their demo recordings. Since then I\’ve managed to find a copy of their all time great 45 \’Going All The Way\’/\’Go Ahead\’ on Atco. I\’ll have to focus on that record another time. By the way, \’Going All The Way\’ was voted the third best garage song of all time in \’Teenbeat Mayhem\’.

The folk jangling \’I Can\’t Do It\’ was recorded at the same session as the Atco songs but never released in the 60s. This tune is very similar to \’Go Ahead\’ and could easily have been selected as a single in it\’s own right. Maybe the band were hopeful of a follow up release, although the Crypt liners don\’t mention this.

Mike Bouyea: \”We piled into the car on April 26th, 1966 early in the morning and drove off to the Big City from Bristol, CT. We walked into the Capitol studio in New York and set about re-recording \’It\’s The Same All Over The World\’ to see if we could improve on it.

We didn\’t go in thinking about putting out a 45. What happened is we finished the one song so fast and we\’d paid for a few hours of recording so we decided to make up some more to fill in the time.We actually were pretty damn efficient , writing, practicing, and recording 7 more songs in the remaining time\”.
(from the liners of the Crypt Records release)


4 thoughts on “THE SQUIRES – I CAN\’T DO IT (unreleased in the 60s)

  1. Ah, so short and sweet. Thanks for bringing something back to me that I had long forgotten – I bought that Crypt LP in the '80s – no idea what happened to it – but that still sounded so good and pure.


  2. Yes, I don't think a song needs to last longer than 3 minutes and be over produced.Maybe this is why my main focus when collecting singles is 1964-67 and 1977-79……


  3. Hi Colin;I got my copy back in the day from Midnight Records. Still have my copy (that's only been played a couple of times) then it was committed to a cassette and that was played over and over. Just dug out the LP tonight to bask in the glow.


  4. Real nice and the whole lp too. This slab is one of the best compilation of an 60's garage \”singles+unissued\” band. Got a copy as well.


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