THE ANIMALS – \’Baby Let Me Take You Home\’/\’Gonna Send You Back To Walker\’ (Columbia DB 7247) March 1964

This was the debut Animals 45 from early 1964 and before I was born.

Not a bad start for a new rhythm and blues group and it almost cracked the Top 20.
I prefer the flip \’Gonna Send You Back To Walker\’ which was a song they adapted from a Timmy Shaw composition titled \’Gonna Send You Back To Georgia\’….

It\’s all about a dollybird who is obviously getting on Eric Burdon\’s nerves so much so that he threatens to send her back home to Walker. 

For those who don\’t know, Walker is a rough suburb of Newcastle where Burdon was born.
Back in the 60s, I imagine Walker was a grim place to live. It\’s not very nice these days. I went through it on a bus back in the Summer on my way to Tynemouth… put it this way, I wouldn\’t like to live there!

        THE ANIMALS – \’I\’m Crying\’/\’Take It Easy\’ (Columbia DB.7354) September 1964

\’I\’m Crying\’, a fast paced beat swinger was the follow up to \’The House Of The Rising Sun\’ and went Top 10 in Britain…Of course this song smokes, there is footage of The Animals performing this on YouTube. Seek it out.

The flip \’Take It Easy\’ is another Burdon/Price original that brings the pace down somewhat after the frantic top-side. This one is more bluesy and perfect for the gritty vocals of Eric…

          THE APPLEJACKS – \’Tell Me When\’/\’Baby Jane\’ (Decca F.11833) February 1964

I\’ve only got one Applejacks 45 so don\’t know what their other records are like but the driving beat of \’Baby Jane\’ is a keeper. Pity it lost out as a B-Side.

The song was written by Ray Cane and Peter Dello, who went on to form Honeybus


                                 THE ANIMALS – \’Boom Boom\’ EP (Columbia ESRF 1632)

Four song EP from France January 1965 (recorded \’64)…
Somehow this found it\’s way to Chester-le-Street and I bought it from my local record dealer man. Nice to see that Alan Price is still sort of smiling. In the next couple of months he\’ll quit the Animals to go solo.

Found this live performance of \’Club A Go-Go\’ which was the name of the venue in Newcastle where the Animals were the house band until they relocated to London in early 1964….(song written by Burdon and Price about the Geordie club)

songs on EP:
\’Boom Boom\’
\’Club A Go-Go\’
\’Don\’t Let Me Be Misunderstood\’

       THE HOLLIES – \’Little Lover\’

From The Hollies first album (January 1964) so it was most likely recorded in late 1963. Classic uptempo beat rocker which has quite a surprising hard edge. This is probably more like how they sounded at gigs during 63/64 period before they started recording pop songs.

                 THE SEARCHERS – \”Play The System\’ EP (PYE NEP 24201) November 1964

The Searchers recorded \’The System\’ for a film of the same title starring Oliver Reed. So it\’s a required disc for that beat tune, which was never on any of their albums.

Check out the trailer for the 1964 film \”The System\” on YouTube cos it\’s cool and very British…

 THE BEATLES – \’Can\’t Buy Me Love\’/\’You Can\’t Do That\’ (Capitol 5150) March 1964

Two sided 45 of merseybeat rockers released on The Beatles American label, Capitol Records.
\’You Can\’t Do That\’ was written by John Lennon and is seemingly about his jealousy towards a girl.

SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON – \’Lonesome Cabin\’/\’The Goat\’ (PYE International 7N.25268) October 1964

Some more blues, this time Sonny Boy Williamson…another record released during the month that I was born…coolsville… UK pic sleeve from Lenny Helsing.

\’Mr Anello\’ – Here\’s Manfred Mann with an overlooked harmonica driven R&B instrumental…

taken from the album \”The Five Faces Of Manfred Mann\” (HMV CLP 1731) 1964

THE ANIMALS – \’The Animals Is Here\’ EP (Columbia SEGO 8374) December 1964

Awesome first EP from The Animals showcasing their hard edged R&B… \’I\’m Crying\’ = killer song

CHUCK BERRY – \’No Particular Place To Go\’/\’Liverpool Drive\’ (PYE International 7N.25242) May 1964

Time for a bit of Chuck Berry from 1964…those PYE International \”R&B Series\” 45s are just perfect.

Seek \’em out for some primal R&B from American artists that influenced virtually all of the hard beat and R&B English groups circa 1962/65..

   THEM – \’Baby Please Don\’t Go\’/\’Gloria\’ (Decca F 12018) November 1964

Dutch picture sleeve of a two sided R&B pounder.

There is a video clip of Them on Ready Steady Go miming to \’Baby Please Don\’t Go\’ as recorded by Van and and the band with some session men including Jimmy Page on rhythm guitar. Them\’s Billy Harrison played the distinctive lead.

\’Gloria\’ was Van Morrison\’s paean to teenage lust….the simple but hypnotic guitar riff was adopted by thousands of aspiring garage bands in America a couple of years later.
The SWINGING BLUE JEANS – \’You\’re No Good\’/\’Don\’t You Worry About Me\’ (HMV POP 1304) May 1964

Classic \’64 merseybeat, top 3 in the UK

\’You Make Me Feel Good\’ is the other side of the big hit \’She\’s Not There\’

Cool beat ballad, but long forgotten nowadays. Could have been a single in it\’s own right.

  THE ZOMBIES – \’She\’s Not There\’/\’You Make Me Feel Good\’ (Decca F.11940) July 1964

Zombies 45 reviewed in NME July 1964 as follows:

\”A pounding medium pacer from new group The Zombies. The boys have a distinctive sound, with intriguing solo phrases by the lead singer, and attractive vocal blends in the unison passages.
The drummer and bassist are pretty solid, too. I\’d have tipped it for a hit if the material was stronger. Even so, it must still stand a chance.\”


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