MORTIMER – \’Dedicated Music Man\’/\’To Understand Someone (Philips BF 1664) May 1968

This group were from New York but recorded all of their material in London during the early part of 1968, maybe the location they used rubbed off on Mortimer as they sound very English indeed.

\’Dedicated Music Man\’ is an out and out classic psych pop tune with memorable bass runs that remind me of Paul McCartney\’s, classy vocal harmonies and a melody to match. Don\’t know why this wasn\’t huge in \’68 but it wasn\’t, and Mortimer would reflect on what could have been.

My UK copy is quite rare and doesn\’t show up too often, the USA release (March 1968) came housed in a picture cover. Most of these copies used \’Dedicated Music Man\’ on both sides with a mono and stereo mix. The UK release has \’To Understand Someone\’, another fine pop nugget but without the immediacy of \’Music Man\’.

Prior to recording as Mortimer the group released a 45 as Pinnochio and the Puppets. I reviewed this disc on \’Flower Bomb Songs here.
And before the latter, they were known as The Teddy Boys and released several fine singles, non of which have appeared on my blog yet but I intend to change that soon.

Both sides of this disc remain uncompiled.

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