PEABODY – \”Days Of Rest\” / \”Forever Eyes\” (Busy-B 7) January 1968

I\’ve finally managed to locate this 45 by New Orleans group Peabody and it\’s taken quite some time, rarely appearing on eBay or collector sales lists leading me to believe that it\’s one of the rarest Busy-B releases.

The simply beautiful folk-rock tune \’Forever Eyes\’ was compiled way back on \’From The New World\’, a compilation I wrote about some time ago. For fans of the folk-rock and baroque pop sound this album is essential.

The other side of the 45 \’Days Of Rest\’ appears to have been the plug side, I\’m only assuming this based on the \”X\” marked on white label promos. This side is less immediate but still good. Both songs were written by Mike Presti who prior to joining Peabody was a member of The Zoofs who I wrote about in May 2011. Go here.

\’Days Of Rest\’ can be found on a CD compilation from 1990 and was released on the Strange Things label which was put together by Phil Smee, no doubt in conjunction with his magazine of the same name from the late 80s.

According to Mike Presti (in an interview given to he confirmed that Peabody were formally called Lady Chatterley\’s Lovers but changed their name to Peabody during late 1967.

The line-up for Peabody was:

Mike Presti (lead guitar)
Mike Chassaniol (lead vocals)
Gary Furlow (rhythm guitar)
Clark Vreeland (drums)
Nick Buck (organ)

Sadly, Clark Vreeland, who became a well known musician in New Orleans during the 70s/80s died recently (26/12/13) aged 62. His ex-wife contacted me a couple of days ago and sent me a fabulous colour photo of Peabody, which I\’ll share here. Clark is pictured at the front wearing a cap and a claret scarf.

One thought on “PEABODY – FOREVER EYES

  1. Thank you very much for Posted Peabody – Forever eyes, i have been trying to hear this forever.The only song From the New World comp i have yet to hear is Chozen Ones – How many times.Any chance of posting that one in the future. Thank you for all the great tunes.Andy


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