04 THE SEEDS – \’A Thousand Shadows\’/\’March Of The Flower Children\’ (GNP Crescendo GNP-394) June 1967

By 1967, The Seeds had fully embraced psychedelia although they called their brand of music at this point in time \’flower music\’. This 45 showcases their new style of flower music perfectly.

The top side \’A Thousand Shadows\’ deserved to be a hit but the fuzz laden eerie sounds failed to spark much interest, even for the teens and twenties of Los Angeles. Perhaps even more flipped out is the the child-like nursery rhyme \’March Of The Flower Children\’ which pushes the boundaries even more.

Both sides can be found on their \’Future\’ album, interestingly, both cuts were produced by Marcus Tybalt who was indeed Sky Saxon.

\”March, march, march with me
Past the crooked forest
Through the field of flowers
Away from all the dragons
Where the sky is painted golden yellow
Come on along and go with me through the fairy castle now
Come on along and go with me\”

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