10 TURQUOISE – \’Steel Glass\’/\’Hello Bill\’ (Arcade ARC-101) 1967

Here\’s an obscure Californian 45 by a group of outsiders from Oxnard, Ventura County. It was their debut record and also a first for the Arcade label. Some information has surfaced over the past year or two about Turquoise after \’Steel Glass\’ and \’Hello Bill\’ were uploaded to YouTube.

FA&F advised that they were originally known as Captain Speed and went by this name for a longer period than that of Turquoise. No reason was given as to why there was a need for a name change, perhaps it was one of the conditions after signing with Arcade Records.

Both sides are heavily influenced by The Doors with that eerie Ray Manzarek organ sound high in the mix. Surprisingly, only \’Hello Bill\’ has been compiled. This was years ago on a psychedelic collection titled \”Seeds Turn To Flowers Turn To Dust.\”  

Turquoise released a follow up single \’Beautiful Death Dealer\’/\’Sunflower Mama\’ (Arcade ARC-102) which appears to be extremely rare. Very few copies have surfaced but both have been uploaded to YouTube by a respected psych collector/writer.

Note that the legendary Kim Fowley has a co-production credit with Tom Ayres.

Members of Captain Speed / Turquoise at one time or another were:

Bill Payne (keyboards) he may not have performed on their recorded output and would later form Little Feat.
Bruce Barlow (bass) went on to a group called Commander Cody.
Dan Gustafson (drums)
Tim Pearson (vocals)
Steve Smith (guitar)
Luther Tatum (keyboards)
Howard Dumble (?) co-writer of \’Steel Glass\’

3 thoughts on “TURQUOISE – STEEL GLASS

  1. I'm currently interviewing various ex-members of this group for a magazine article. They adopted the name Turquoise for the 45s as Captain Speed was deemed too 'druggy' a name for radio airplay. They were a popular group around Santa Barbara, and 'Hello Bill' was a minor hit in the area. They were managed by Jim Salzer and appeared as opening act for many of the concerts he promoted at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, appearing with the Seeds, Love, The Doors, The Yardbirds, The Grateful Dead and many other big names of the day. Howard Dumble wasn't a member of the group, but was a friend of singer Tim Pearson, both of whom originated from Bakersfield. Luther Tatum was the keyboardist on the 45s, Bill Payne joined up later. The later line up also featured Nick Hoffman on guitar, who had previously played with a later line up of The Dovers.


  2. Just a heads up that my finished article on the history of Turquoise is lined up for the Spring 2015 edition of Ugly Things magazine


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