19 MYSTIC SIVA – \’Same\’ (World In Sound RFR-002) 1970

This album by a group of teenagers is rare, try to find an original copy. If you do, you\’re likely to have to delve deeper into your pockets than ever before to purchase some black gold.

If you dig laid back rockin\’ with tripped out lead guitar, wah-wah and Hammond B3 organ, this record is for you. Not only that, but obscure re-issue label \”World In Sound\” have located the master tapes and have really gone to some extremes to bring the psych head a mind bending package, the very thick card sleeve is heavy, nearly as heavy as some of the guitar riffs by Al Tozzi….

Each and every song on the album has an eerie psych quality but \”Supernatural Mind\” is a dark burst of psych that will leave you mesmerized…hard to believe that the kids that made up Mystic Siva were all in their mid-teens….that\’s enough to blow your mind alone!

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