THE ESCORTS – \’Dizzy Miss Lizzy\’/\’All I Want Is You\’ (Fontana TF 453) March 1964

The Escorts played at Liverpool\’s Cavern Club during the same period as their friends The Beatles. Indeed they beat their rivals at being the first mersey group to record Larry Williams\’ classic \’Dizzy Miss Lizzy\’.

The Escorts version has a youthful teenbeat sound with a crisp backing. According to the liners of the long outta print Escorts retrospective on the Edsel label, band members Terry Sylvester and Mike Gregory dismiss the 45 citing the lack of production skills by Jack Baverstock.

Despite a tour with Gene Pitney, Billy J Kramer and Cilla Black to promote their debut record, The Escorts never charted in England. At least they had some sharp suits and boots and one of my favourite band logos from the 60s.

DUFFY POWER – \’It Ain\’t Necessarily So\’/\’If I Get Lucky Some Day\’ (Parlophone R 4992) February 1963

Killer mod 45 that was released in 1963 but is captured in my \’64 round up because it just oozes greatness and was perhaps ahead of it\’s time.

\’If I Get Lucky Some Day\’ is classy bluesy mod with bursts of hammond organ. It\’s believed that Big Jim Sullivan added lead guitar to this recording. Shame it was lost on the B-Side.

  Duffy Power extolling an air of nonchalance…circa 1964

DOWNLINERS SECT – \’Find Out What\’s Happening\’/\’Insecticide\’ (Columbia DB 7415) November 1964

1964 was quite a successful year for the Downliners Sect, they didn\’t really hit the big time or anything like that but \’Little Egypt\’ was a decent seller.

\’Find Out What\’s Happening\’ was the ravin\’ follow-up and it was popular enough to get them a spot on TV Show \”Ready Steady Go\” (I\’ve never seen this clip before, don\’t even know if the tape still exists?)

The flip \’Insecticide\’ is more intense R&B with wailing harmonica.
Don Craine is basically telling his girl that if she leaves him he\’s gonna \’insecticide\’ her….I doubt that he means spraying her with some insect killer either…

THE KINKS – \’You Really Got Me\’/\’It\’s All Right\’ (PYE 7N.15673) August 1964

This one needs no introduction….hard driving 60s rock complete with tense vocals and a killer distorted lead guitar solo…..Wow, it burns!
One of the most influential songs of all time.


 THE KINKS – \’All Day And All Of The Night\’/\’I Gotta Move\’ (PYE 7N.15714) October 1964

The follow up to #1 hit \’You Really Got Me\’ was \’All Day And All Of The Night\’, another Ray Davies penned rocker relying on a similar power chord riff. Ray doesn\’t sound as pissed off on this one but it still smokes…

The hard driving beat of \’I Gotta Move\’ on the flip is another gem that may not be as well known to the casual listener…. have a listen to greatness…

THE KINKS – \’Kinksize Session\’ (PYE NEP 24200) November 1964

A month after I was born the first Kinks EP was released.
The back sleeve advertises their debut album. None of the four songs on this EP were on the album so it\’s a must have item for your Kinks collection!

\’I\’ve Gotta Go Now\’
\’I\’ve Got That Feeling\’
\’Things Are Getting Better\’
\’Louie Louie\’

 THE KINKS – \’Kinksize Hits\’ (NEP 24203) January 1965

The next Kinks EP was released a couple of months later in January 1965.
It gathered up the previous two hit singles complete with B-Sides.

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