EMERGENCY EXIT – \’Maybe Too Late\’ / \’Why Girl\’ (Dunhill D-4060) February 1967

I\’ve had this 45 for years and have been meaning to write about it for just as long but somehow it never made it\’s way out of my record box until now. The Emergency Exit hailed from Seattle, WA and were active during most of 1966 and until mid/late 1967.

Two previously unreleased songs \”Happy Song\” and \”Why Girl\” can be found on a couple of volumes of the Big Beat CD comps \”North West Battle Of The Bands\”. The version of \’Why Girl\’ is an earlier take from March 1966 and sounds more like a demo than a fully fledged studio cut.
\’Happy Girl\’ has a rough British Invasion style and probably dates from around the same time.

Their first 45 \’Maybe Too Late\’ / \’Why Girl\’ was released on the local label Ru-Ro Records during December 1966, and must have impressed someone at Dunhill Records as they were signed to the label. A couple of months later the Dunhill pressing was released and is arguably the labels toughest ever release.

\’Maybe Too Late\’ is a wonderful jangle beat pounder with reverb and blended harmonies. I really dig this side, although it scores lower than \’Why Girl\’ in \”Teenbeat Mayhem\”.
\’Why Girl\’ has a throbbing beat with weird echo FX making it a \’way-out\’ teen punk record. It was compiled back in the 80s on a Boulders comp but since then has been missing in action.

A second Dunhill record followed in June 1967, \’It\’s Too Late Baby\’ / \’You\’ve Been Changing Your Mind\’ but it\’s a record that I\’ve not heard before.

Jim Walters (guitar)
Paul Goldsmith (guitar) * briefly a member of The Wailers
Luther Rabb (bass)
Bill Leyritz (drums)

grainy picture scanned from the Big Beat CD booklet
grainy picture scanned from the Big Beat CD booklet

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