JACKS WILD – \”What Do You Expect\” / \”So Fine\” (Lyn-Tone 101) November 1965

This is such a brilliant compilation of lo-fi teen janglers in pretty good sound quality throughout. It was released on Worst Records in the late 90s and sounds like all of the cuts were \’needle-drops\’ from original 45s with no modern day remastering.

The records that were used are very obscure, most have hardly ever hit the radar, but most are worth listening to. Out of all the selections used I\’ve only got \’Done It Again\’ by The Advantes.
One of the records I\’ve been after for a few years is \’What Do You Expect\’ by Jacks Wild. This record was offered for sale on eBbay early in 2013 but sadly I missed out on it!

I\’ll just have to make do with hearing the song on \’I Can Hear Raindrops\’ for now. According to \’Teenbeat Mayhem\’, Jacks Wild hailed from Cookeville, Tennessee. I don\’t know whether Jacks Wild was a solo performer or if it was the unusual name for a combo.

The record was released on a local label, Lyn-Tone Records, during November 1965. \’What Do You Expect\’ is a terrific moody folk-jangler with mournful vocals and killer drum action. I just love the patterns the drummer weaves throughout… 

***** update *****

since I wrote my review back in March 2014 I have obtained a mint condition copy of the record and it sounds fabulous. I have added a label scan. The other side is a version of \”So Fine\” which is also very good. More beat and less jangle on this one.


  1. That bass player on the front is Tom \”Goober\” Vaughn from the Aquinos, western Illinois seminarians that cut two records for IT label. Photo flipped so he's now a lefty.bob


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