ANDY ROBINSON – \’Patterns Of Reality\’ (Philips SBL-7887) 1968

I bought this album last year but it\’s only today that I\’ve found some time to enjoy it and remaster the vinyl to the digital format. I\’ve checked around various sites and it seems that \’Patterns Of Reality\’ is one of the few late 60s albums still waiting for a re-issue.

There is not a lot of information on-line about Andy Robinson, some sources claim that he hailed from Philadelphia but I\’ve not found any hard evidence to confirm that this is correct.
Others claim that he played gigs with John Denver.

The album was recorded during October 1968 at T.T.G. Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Some noteworthy session players helped create the sounds including Artie Butler (piano / organ), Jimmy Gordon (drums), David Cohen (guitars) and Carol Kaye (bass).

All songs were written by Andy Robinson. His songs are rather typical of the singer/songwriter hippie types of the late 60s but unlike most of his contemporaries this outsider folk hipster appears to have got lost or ignored in the shuffle.

All of his songs are quite listenable and laid back loner type soft rock with touches of orchestration here and there. I dig it and hope one day that the album gets wider recognition, although judging by auction sales online over the past couple of years it appears that collectors are willing to dig deep into their pockets for a copy.

A follow up album \’Break Out Of The City\’ was released in 1970 on Janus Records JLS-3013.

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