THE HUMAN ZOO – \’The Human Zoo\’ (Accent ACS 5055) 1970

The Human Zoo hailed from the Los Angeles suburb, Westminster and were discovered playing local gigs by Jim Foster, who was a member of acid punkers The Human Expression. Don\’t expect The Human Zoo to be any where near as good as the latter though.

First time I played this album I was disappointed, it didn\’t really tick that many boxes in my mynd. However a couple of plays later I started digging some of the songs. The album opener \’It\’s Got To Be\’ is a good psych rocker with some cool organ. My favourite cut is \’Na-Na\’ which is essentially an instrumental with plenty of na-na\’s thrown in for good measure.

The rest of side one is decent late 60s rock \’n\’ roll, with some really tasty psych leads, powerful drum action and mostly macho style vocals. Not really my bag but I\’m sure others will dig it. \’Funny\’ for instance, starts off all psych rock then goes a bit too funky for me…

Most of side two has that late 60s funk psych sound with brass, there\’s also cringe-worthy county & western with \’When Papa Started Drinkin\’…..the album picks up once more with the freaky \’The Human Zoo\’, which has some immense fuzz and pounding drums but the over macho vocals spoils the song somewhat.

What the sales sticker on the front of the album says:

For the first time since it\’s original release in 1970, an exact re-issue of The Human Zoo album, taken from the master tapes, with all artwork faithfully replicated!

A quirky and unexpected blend of psychedelic, garage and funky music. The musical diversity, once the cause of the band\’s failure is the records greatest asset in this age of one song downloadable wonderment. The band had chops, and could put together a damn good song.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

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