BUBBLE PUPPY – \’A Gathering Of Promises\’ (International Artists) 1969

Bubble Puppy were IA\’s last commercial fling, and indeed they scraped a fleeting hit with \’Hot Smoke & Sasafrass\’ in early 1969. Although based in Houston, the roots of the group were in Corpus Christi, where Rod Prince led The Bad Seeds. They cut three singles for the local label J-Beck outlet.

\’Taste Of The Same\’ / \’I\’m A King Bee\’
\’Zilch Part One\’ / \’Zilch Part Two\’
\’All Night Long\’ / \’Sick And Tired\’

Punkers all, the last \’A\’ side was, in fact, a cover of The Elevators \’Tried To Hide\’ but with an earlier lyric. Roy Cox joined the group, and it was he and Prince, along with Todd Potter, who put Bubble Puppy together. Several other musicians including Tommy Smith and Clayton Pulley were also in the group, and later David Fore.

\’A Gathering Of Promises\’ reflected the more measured changes which affected Texas music. Despite their suitably paisley garb, Bubble Puppy were closer to mainstream rock than most of their label mates. Professional rather than inspirational, they somehow crossed the hard rock of Jimi Hendrix with the massed harmonies of Moby Grape or early Doobie Brothers. It\’s fresh, it\’s undoubtedly well played, but it lacks the perverse mystery of The Golden Dawn or even Lost And Found.

That album aside, Bubble Puppy also cut several other tracks. \’If I Had A Reason\’ appeared on the flip of \’Beginning\’, while both sides of their third 45, \’Days Of Our Life\’ and \’Thinkin\’ About Thinkin\’ were non-album, as was \’What Do You See\’, the top side of their final IA release.

Having toured with Steppenwolf, and with their own label flagging, Bubble Puppy moved to ABC/Dunhill and mutated into Demian. From there on in there\’s been a succession of changes, with versions of the band resurfacing on various occasions, as well as in off-shoot groups such as Sirius. 
(Strange Things magazine August 1988)


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