THE BEACH BOYS – \’Party!\’ (Capitol T-2398) November 1965
This was the third Beach Boys album of 1965 and very much a \’cash-in\’ long player for Christmas. Back in the 60s records were big sellers during the festive period and this \’live\’ album in the studio broke into the top ten in both USA and Britain and as such was considered a success.
There isn\’t much on this to please the casual Beach Boys listener. Fans no doubt lapped it up but if I was a teenager back then I\’d be a bit pissed off with the material on \’Party!\’ as it just sounds like they\’re busking, the background noises from girls \’partying\’ is annoying.
The most interesting cut for me is \’Barbara Ann\’ which was a cover of a song written by The Regents. The opener \’Hully Gully\’ is decent enough.

One thought on “THE BEACH BOYS – PARTY!

  1. I'm surprised you didn't like this album. I absolutely love it. \”Papa Ooh Mow Mow\” and covering The Beatles. So many great covers. The background noise was completely fake, but I thought it was pretty well done and made it enjoyable. It's as if they're just hanging out at some beach house and jamming late into the night.


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