CRYSTAL CHANDELIER – \’Suicidal Flowers\’ / \’Your Land Of Love\’ (Cobblestone CB 730) 1968

I\’ve been meaning to research and write about the obscure psychedelic outfit Crystal Chandelier for quite some time, I even YouTubed the B-Sides for both of their singles back in 2011 but got sidetracked.

It has been confirmed that Crystal Chandelier hailed from North Providence, Rhode Island and were probably made up with five friends. I did some internet digging and located various YouTube comments from family members of the group suggesting that four of the musicians were:

Arnold Micarelli (vocals)
Frank Giammarco (lead guitar)
Vincent Vento (rhythm guitar)
Anthony Jackvony (drums)

The fifth member could possibly have been someone called Keith Beck who wrote \”It\’s Only You\”, the flip of their United Artists 45 \’The Setting Of Despair\’. There is also a lad named Keith Beck noted on the online site \”North Providence High School 1968\” in the same class as Frank Giammarco. Strong evidence or co-incidence?

\’Suicidal Flowers\’ is a fuzzadelic doom laden psych ballad patterned with eastern vibes that add to the song\’s intensity. It\’s one of my all time favourite psychedelic fuzz tunes and has been compiled several times, maybe the first time on Pebbles #3.
\’Your Land Of Love\’ is also great, this time the music is much more dreamy, fuzz free and with beautiful acid vibes and orchestration. Incredibly, this song has never turned up on any compilation as far as I know. Check out my YouTube upload.

CRYSTAL CHANDELIER -The Setting Of Despair\’ / \’It\’s Only You\’ (United Artists UA-50284) March 1968

The other Crystal Chandelier 45 was released on United Artists and produced by Henry Jerome who was the A&R director for UA during the late 60s and would have been in his fifties when the Crystal Chandelier entered the studio. I wonder what he made of these young hipsters with their psychedelic sound.

\’The Setting Of Despair\’ is mesmerizing orchestrated psychedelia with a slowish pace that adds to it\’s intensity. The lyrics appear to be about unrequited love. It has turned up on several comps including \’Sixties Punk Ballads Sampler\’ on Eva back in the late 80s.

The flip \’It\’s Only You\’ is the least psychedelic song Crystal Chandelier recorded, this time they go for a pleasant pop beat style and as far as know is un-compiled.

During my research I found an article from Billboard, issue dated 29th July 1972. Someone called Arnie Micarelli from North Providence, who is employed by Interstella Electronic Research & Development Corp, is talking about a studio design of a new 24-track computerized tape recording complex. I wonder if it\’s the same Arnie Micarelli from Crystal Chandelier?

If anyone has any information about this group and/or photos please get in thouch.

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