THE SATELLITERS – \’More Of The Satelliters\’ (Dionysus) July 2014

This combo from Germany have been regulars on the European garage scene since the mid 90s releasing records on tons of labels and displaying their solid garage beat action at prestigious festivals such as the Dionysus Demolition Derby, various Mod Rallies, Cavestomp and Euro Ye Ye…plus many other tours.

The Satelliters sound has developed over the years and maybe even become a little bit more sophisticated but importantly without losing any of their raunchy garage rock moves. Their music has always, to my ears, been heavily influenced by some of the better eighties garage revival groups such as The Cynics and early Miracle Workers, indeed the lead singer has a vocal style similar to Cynics frontman Michael Kastelic.

So with this in mind, it\’s usually time to take notice when The Satelliters have a new record out. Their latest offering \”More Of The Satelliters\” is due to be released next month on the famous Dionysus label and it\’s been a long time comin\’. An update on their Facebook page confirmed that the group had completed the recording of the album during January 2013. So just over a year and a half later fans will be able to get copies from their favourite garage/psych emporiums.

A taster for the album was released as a single on Portuguese label Chaputa Records. They released their raucous version of \”Girl It\’s Over\” originally recorded by The Six Deep in 1967 backed with a non album cut \”When I\’m In Between.\”

Their new album contains the kind of tunes fans will wanna hear ranging from fuzztoned garage rockers like my favourite \”It\’s Gotta Be You\” and the opener \”You Turned In My World\”.
The pace is slowed with a couple of psych-tinged winners, listen out for \”I\’m Up To Find\” and \”Tell Me Tell Me\”… It wouldn\’t be The Satelliters if they didn\’t tackle some sixties cover versions and they please with the previously mentioned \”Girl It\’s Over\” and the classic \”I Was Alone\” originally recorded by The Exotics in 1967. Their version of \”I\’m A No Count\” by Ty Wagner with the Scotchmen is decent enough but doesn\’t have the primitive power of the original from 1965….no surprise though, how could any contemporary group come close to even matching that crude snarler?

A highly recommended album for this Summer\’s garden parties.

The Satelliters homepage

The Satelliters Facebook page

*** thanks to Lee Joseph for sending me a preview of the album ***

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