\”THE BEAT MERCHANTS\” – British Beat 1963 – 1964 (United Artists UDM 101/2) 1976

I digitized this double vinyl compilation at the weekend. What a great album of rare and obscure songs. This is probably one of the first UK 60s beat / R&B comps and may have been in response to the double \”Nuggets\” album that did a similar job for American garage and psych combo\’s.

This set was compiled and procuced by Andrew Lauder. Sound quality is superb and from the master tapes. Special thanks is given to \”Rock On\” in Camden Town, London.

On this double LP are the likes of The Zephyrs, The Escorts, The Paramounts, The Soul Agents, The Sheffields, The Beat Merchants, The Others, The Downliners Sect, Mickey Finn & the Blue Men, The Redcaps, The Roulettes, Keith Powell & the Valets, Earl Preston & the TT\’s, The Pirates…. plus many more.

I\’ll feature twelve songs from this on my next \’Flower Bomb Songs\’ podcast. I may even do a double feature as the music sounds so GREAT!

The Beat Scene in November 1964 talk of a \”Beat Slump\” – little did they know what was around the corner in 1965…… fuzztoned guitars ……


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