I\’m still on my sombre weekend Nick Drake trip and worried about my friend in NY who had a stroke yesterday…. \”Clothes Of Sand\” sees Nick on one of his Donovan inspired moments!

free your mynd and energize…

I can\’t believe no one has uploaded \”The Magpie\” to YouTube – one of my fave sombre Donovan songs.

In my total disgust for humanoids every where in the world today (apart from about 10 people e.g. my homies)…. I\’ve changed my profile pic in support of \”The Laird\”

JASON CREST don\’t get mentioned much probably cos no one cares but I\’m gonna put that right with the mellotron and flute soaked psychedelia of \”A Place In The Sun\” from mid 1969.

\”Black Mass\” on the flip is perhaps their most famous cut but I\’ve always like this loner jewel much more…. it takes my mynd to a stranger dimension…. Jason Crest were from Tonbridge in Kent…

OMG – I\’m in one of my introspective loner moods today, all started cos I played \”When I Was Young\” by Eric Burdon & the Animals first thing this morning….

I love it when I become morose and melancholic. I don\’t mean to come across all lugubrious, no way man, I never feel like the world is tryin\’ to get me down…. I\’m just a loner by nature and I wouldn\’t have it any other way…

time to play Nick Drake

There is nothing I like doin\’ better than cuddling my little Biba and wallowing in nostalgia….and this AWESOME 1967 song by Eric Burdon & the Animals gets me every time as it\’s essentially Eric reminiscing about his boyhood / teenage years in Newcastle.

I often get myself deep in thought about the old days too, as I\’m sure a lot of people do…. nostalgia and yearning for the past is an important part of my day!

\”My faith was so much stronger then
I believed in fellow men
I was really so much older then
When I was young\”


My 45 rpm of the day is this obscure record by the Cat\’s Meow, a group of teenagers from Staten Island, NY.

Check out the YouTube aCTion and you\’ll soon dig \”La La Lu\” a melodic bubblegum pop song with a very catchy chorus and \’66 period Beatlesesque guitar runs.

I tracked down the lead guitarist back in 2009 and he gave me the low down on his teen group.

My 45 rpm of the day is \”96 Tears\”, a mid \’66 punk swinger by Question Mark & the Mysterians. The beat is very hypnotic and so to is the organ sound. Only a complete and utter square wouldn\’t dig this tune man!

\”Too many teardrops
For one heart to be crying
Too many teardrops
For one heart to carry on.\”

I almost didn\’t make it with my 45 rpm choice of the day cos I\’ve been busy watching a documentary called \”The Psychedelic Era\” ….

But now I\’m ready to blast your mynd with an obscurity by Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich in the form of \”Shame\”, a freaky 1966 mod beat hustler hidden away on the B-Side of \”Save Me\”..

\”Shame\” was written by the group. Don\’t know why they relied on so much outside material when their own songs are so far out.


Cranked this one real LOUD when I got in today from work.

Wow man, \”Some Velvet Morning\” is such a strange and ethereal piece of weirdness…. sometimes music is hard to categorize and this NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZLEWOOD is certainly one of those moments of genius that could only have come from destination \”psychedelia 1967.\”

the film from an NBC TV Special is compelling too.

I quickly caught on to Traffic sometime in 1981/82, when as a school kid, I was wanting to expand my mynd with 60s psychedelia. I bought a cheap four song re-issue EP from the late 70s at my local Woolworths and I was HOOKED…

That re-issue EP showcased \”Paper Sun\”, \”Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush\” \”Hole In My Shoe\” and \”No Face, No Name, No Number\”

How could a tyrned-on teenage mynd NOT submit to that kind of sonic delight? Wow man, just too much…

So, today I\’m making their 1967 sitar / flute acid drenched \”Paper Sun\” my 45 rpm of the day……. long live TRAFFIC…. someone has unearthed a vintage promo film of \”Paper Sun\” – check it out below and become \’strange\’ just like me!

Nancy Sinatra hijacks an iconic London double decker bus for a photo opportunity and Reprise Records use it for the album cover of her \”Nancy In London\” release in 1966.

So, I\’m gonna have a Nancy song of the day once again. \”Summer Wine\” also features vocals from Lee Hazelwood as an added bonus…. GREATNESS!

vague vibe of \”I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) by the Electric Prunes….

My 45 rpm of the day is \”In The First Place\” by The REMO FOUR.
the single was never released back in the 60s and was only used as part of the soundtrack on tripped-out English 60s flick \”Wonderwall\”

Thankfully the song was released on Pilar in limited quantity when \”Wonderwall\” got a release on DVD. This was back in 1998 and the vinyl single is now impossible to find, probably because of the Beatles link.

George Harrison produced the music and possibly played on it too. The recordings took place at Abbey Road Studios in mid 1967 at around the same time that the Beatles were making their film \”Magical Mystery Tour\”

check out this brooding psych gem which positively oozes George Harrison. Similar sounding to \”Blue Jay Way\”…

My 45 rpm of choice today is this \”The Graveyard Theme\” by the GRAVEYARD FIVE

I\’ve just bought a re-issue of this MONSTROUS 1968 fuzz tormentor. Original copies are virtually none existent, maybe a handful survive and copies sell for several THOUSAND dollars.

Have a listen to this cranium smasher, crank up the volume and feed your mynd with some reverbed guitars and FUZZ……. remember, that the late 60s weren\’t all about love and white doves, dig a little deeper and you\’ll find the good stuff that no one knows about….

I can unwind with 70s punk….. my 45 r.p.m. of the day is The DAMNED \”Neat Neat Neat\” from February 1977….. original copy – total mayhem..

Every time it rains and I see people scurrying about using their umbrellas to keep dry I always think of a 1967 song called \”Umbrella\” by The SMOKE…… I\’m pretty much a weird one-off (you no doubt realize this) so much so I often wonder what people are \’thinking\’ about as they hide their heads away.

these psych heads were hugely influenced by Sgt Pepper era Beatles on this cut….

I\’ve just sparked up a Goloka Patchouli incense stick and it\’s giving off it\’s wondrous and exotic fragrance. You would have thought then that my 45 r.p.m. of the day would inspire me to post a mind blowing piece of psychedelic reverie…..

It hasn\’t….. all I want to do is play 60s mod and freakbeat rockers.
How about \”Sorry\” by The EASYBEATS, their dynamic 1966 mod hustler….this slab of vinyl genius arrived in the post yesterday, all the way from New Zealand……… and now it\’s resting in it\’s rightful place @ EXPO67 headquarters.

The single was only released down under, maybe only Australia and NZ so it\’s not exactly growing on trees in England and beyond…. 

2 thoughts on “CURRENTLY MY SCENE!

  1. What A Post! Nick Drake's 'Five Leaves Left' might be my all time 'go-to' disc for those moments of reflective melancholy. Steady Doses of Donovan are always proper. There are so many tunes to dig on a daily basis, It's hard to keep track sometimes…


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