EMIL RICHARDS AND THE FACTORY – \’No Place I\’d Rather Be\’ / \’Do Biddely\’ (UNI 55027) August 1967

Another addition to my far-out psychedelic 45 record collection is this one by Emil Richards & The Factory on UNI. For some reason this single was not compiled on the Lowell George & the Factory collection released by Edsel in the early 90s.

The acid tinged Eastern sounding folk of \”No Place I\’d Rather Be\” is pure L.A. Sunset Strip \’67 style. I\’ve always loved this kinda sound so was chuffed to find a copy of this rare single.

Check it out on \”Soft Sounds For Gentle People #04\’

Shame that the flip \”Do Biddley\” is a waste of time and effort, being a dreadful instrumental. Instead, UNI should have just gone for a stereo version of \”No Place I\’d Rather Be\” on the other side.

Gray Newell: The flip side is mainly a showcase for Emil Richards\’ xylophone virtuosity – he\’d release two albums for UNI in 67, a collection of covers, plus the more interesting \”Stones\” LP, twelve bizarre instrumentals based on the theme of birth stones. I expect UNI were just getting their money\’s worth. 

The xylophone on \’No Place I\’d Rather Be\” gives it somewhat of a unique sound. \’Do Biddley\’ and \’When I was a Apple\’, the flip of the other Factory 45 for UNI, both got left off the Factory CD as neither were credited to Lowell George.


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