THE WHETHER BUREAU – \’Why Can\’t You And I\’ / \’White And Frosty\’ (Laurie LR 3431) February 1968

I bought this 45 a couple of months ago and it\’s only now that I\’ve had some spare time to research The Whether Bureau and upload \”Why Can\’t You And I\” to my YouTube Channel.

Not a great deal has been written about the group, although both sides of this disc have been compiled. \”Why Can\’t You And I\” can be found on \’Fading Yellow #06\’ whilst \”White And Frosty\” surfaced on \’Mindrocker #10\’ back in the 80s.

It is believed that The Whether Bureau came from New York, this was their only 45. Perhaps they were a studio group put together by successful Producer Bobby Susser, who was also a member of his own group Think.

\”Why Can\’t You And I\” is a fabulous psychedelic nugget with a complex arrangement, prodding organ bursts and guitars that sound like sitars. It\’s all perfectly hypnotic. The other side \”White And Frosty\” offers a more Doorsian sound and this one reminds me of the kinda bag Beacon Street Union and The Ultimate Spinach were creating.

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