RONNIE DANTE – \’Janie Janie\’ / \’I\’ll Give You Things\’ (Columbia 4-43862) November 1966

Well how about that! I\’ve been after this 45 for years and have had it in my eBay searches to get an email when a copy is put up for sale, but NOTHING in all that time….

Then, yesterday I looked on a UK dealers auction list because he was selling something else I was interested in and he had a copy of \”Janie Janie\” with a starting price of 99 pence!

He listed it as \”Ron Dante\” – I was searching for \”Ronnie Dante\” all that time. It appears that a few letters make all the difference on eBay…

Anyway, I charmed the record to EXPO67 Headquarters for a measly 99 pence….\”Janie Janie\” is a quite brilliant bubblegum psych tune with an eastern vibration. The song was co-written by songwriting team Gene Allan & Ron Dante and Produced by Neil Levenson.

Despite having a catchy and commercial sound the record got nowhere fast and as such is a difficult disc to locate. Perhaps the timing wasn\’t right for the record because I think this would have been a SMASH had it been released in mid \’68 when bubblegum was at it\’s height of popularity.

After the demise of the release Ron Dante would write almost an albums worth of songs for The Eighth Day and even further down the line would become singer / songwriter for cartoon band The Archies
RONNIE DANTE – Janie Janie


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