DICK DODD – \”First Evolution Of\” (Sparton Records ST 5142) October 1968

I bought this album by Dick Dodd back in March 2002 for $40 played it a couple of times then more or less ignored it as it wasn\’t the kind of sound I wanted to hear. Things change of course and I\’ve now got a less blinkered view of most things, especially music.

So, I decided to get the album off the shelf and digitize it to CDR. As far as I know Dick Dodd\’s solo work has never been released on CD. There is scope for such a retrospective as the ex Standells lead singer and drummer released three singles as well as this studio album.

Most of the material is late 60s rock tinged with soul. It has a polished commercial sound and would have been chart friendly but it seems that no one was listening as none of the singles or this album sold in any quantity.

The songs were co-written by Buddy Bowie (Buie)  & Ed Cobb but there are covers of \”Lonely Weekends\” by Charlie Rich and \”Tell The Truth\” by Ray Charles. My pick from the album is the driving soul rock of \”Twenty Four Hours Of Loneliness.\”

Special mention too for the bizarre album illustration showing Dick Dodd standing between what looks like two fetuses, with the Earth far off in background space….. perhaps showing his \”First Evolution\”

\”Fanny\” / \”Don\’t Be Ashamed To Call My Name\”
\”Little Sister\” / \”Lonely Weekends\”
\”Guilty\” / Requiem 820\”



  1. Hey Colin. Thank you for these infos. I dare ask you : would it be possible to get a copy of your CDR of Dick lp ? I must admit it's cool pop like I love. And I'd love to listen to the other tracks. Cheers.


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