DAVE & THE CUSTOMS – \’I Ask You Why\’ / \’He Was A Friend Of Mine\’ (DAC Records 503) 1966

According to \’Teenbeat Mayhem\’, Dave & the Customs hailed from Pomona, CA. The group were surf based initially and their earlier single on DAC Records \”Shortnin\’ Bread\” / \”Ali Baba\” is considered an underground surf classic. As far as I know, this earlier 45 was released sometime during 1964. It\’s quite rare and has sold a couple of times recently for over $250.

Step forward a couple of years and Dave & the Customs have resurfaced as a folk-rock group with longer hair, 12 string guitars and Jim McGuinn style glasses. The Byrds were obviously a huge influence on them and a version on \”He Was A Friend Of Mine\” was recorded and can be found on the flip of this record.

A local TV Show performance from 1966 has survived and can be found on YouTube showing Dave & the Customs performing \”He Was A Friend Of Mine\”, an amazing find and well worth watching.

\”I Ask You Why\” is a loner folk-rock jangler written by the Zdunich brothers. This song surfaced on the early 90s compilation \”From The New World\”. As you can see the label of my copy has been defaced with \”Marko + David\” which I\’ve worked out is Mark & David Zdunich, so perhaps one of them did this to the label. More importantly is the scribble \”recorded June 1966\” which accurately dates the disc. Several websites have this single recorded as a 1965 release.  

Dave & the Customs circa 1964 – from \’Surfguitar101.com\’

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