THE CRYSTAL BALL – \’Trans-Love Airways (Fat Angel)\’ / \’You\’re A Big Girl Now\’ (Smash S-2092) May 1967

I\’ve had this single by The Crystal Ball for many years and I\’ve noticed that the sales price has nudged up to the $30 – $50 bracket recently. Maybe it\’s become one of those trendy European mod spins or something?

I somehow doubt very much that The Crystal Ball were an active group. They were probably a studio creation of producers Roger Karshner, Richard Troops and Joel Cory. Whatever they were I\’m pleased that they recorded a wonderful version of \”Fat Angel\” by Donovan. It\’s such a tripped out take, well produced with a pounding sound. I love the drums on this and the deep throbbing bass.

The other side \”You\’re A Big Girl Now\” (credited to Troops & Cory) is a bouncy pop song and perhaps a little more commercial than \”Fat Angel\” that no doubt sank without trace.

Roger Karshner also produced the weird and wonderful psychedelic album by The National Gallery.

Billboard – May 1967

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