THORINSHIELD – \”Thorinshield\” (Philips PHS 600-251) September 1967

Thorinshield were from Los Angeles with a line-up of James Smith (guitar), Bobby Ray (bass) and Terry Hand (drums). I don\’t know if Thorinshield ever ventured out of the studio to perform gigs and I\’ve never seen their name mentioned on the numerous gig posters and adverts that I\’ve seen over the years.

What I do know is that Bob Ray worked on Donovan\’s recordings from 1966 and released a 45 as Bob & Kit on HBR Records. Then in 1969 came a solo album on Soul City titled \”Initiation Of A Mystic\”. Read about that release on my blog here.

Terry Hand was a member of The Everpresent Fullness.

Back to the Thorinshield album on Philips. If you dig sunshine pop with a heavy Beatles influence and orchestration then you\’re gonna dig the album a whole lot. It\’s all quite mellow with a late night drift away vibe throughout. The songs are not particularly commercial or pop chart friendly with instant hooks and such like. They\’re all slow burners and not unlike the work being carried out at the same time by Curt Boettcher on albums by Sagittarius and the Millennium.

A couple of singles were released from the long-player. I\’ll probably get around to reviewing those at some point in time. I\’ll end this write-up with my favourite \”One Girl\” which sounds Byrds like with stinging guitar and backwards tapes.


3 thoughts on “THORINSHIELD – ONE GIRL

  1. Like you Colin I am a big fan of the Thorinshield album, two early demoes \”Brave New World\” and \”Wrong My Friend\” (they sound great but very different from the album) are on the double comp \”Sing Me A Rainbow\” which is loaded with excellent folk rock. They had a non album 45 \”Lonely Mountain Again\” which is pretty good too, a very early line up appears in the \”San Francisco Band ID Book\” at which time Billy Mundi was their drummer.


  2. Colin,Nice post. I have two 45s that I believe are from this LP, both pretty good. Also, thanks for connecting the dots to that Bob & Kit 45 on HBR. I have that one as well and is one of my favorites!Dan


  3. Thorinshield did indeed play live gigs, the ones I can find evidence for are:1967: July 15 & 16 – Fantasy Fayre and Magic Music Festival, Devonshire Meadows Raceway, Cal State Northridge, Northridge, CA 1967: Oct 23 – The New Committee Theater, 836 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA


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