THE BYRDS – Turn! Turn! Turn! (Columbia CL 2454) December 1965

Well, here it is. And about time, too.
Didn\’t our old grannies wag their wise and withered heads and tell us that good things are worth waiting for?

This album was as long in the making as a President. But, as Jim McGuinn trusted it would, everything\’s worked out all right. Personally, I think it\’s a beautiful piece of work, and maybe The Byrds were right to linger over it.After all, a great album is to the 1960s what a piece of sculpture was to the Middle Ages. Isn\’t it?

The Byrds think it should be, and I agree with them because I agree with them on most things. So do The Beatles, by the way. Two of the Fab Four came to the recording sessions at Columbia\’s Hollywood studios when they could have been sprawling beside their Bel Air pool gazing at Joan Baez. Some choice.

Anyway, down from the hills rode George and Paul because they\’d liked The Byrds\’ \”Mr Tambourine Man,\” and they know that a record like that doesn\’t happen by accident, (\”Ho,\” John had said, \”The Byrds have something.\” and the others nodded.) So there they were, At Columbia – bachelor Beatle two-some, denims and fringes and so much experience, heads bent up to pick up the sound-subtleties of the Los Angeles Byrds, whom The Beatles publicly named as their fave rave American group.

(notes by Derek Taylor, Press and Public Relations Officer for The Byrds)
THE BYRDS – The World Turns All Around Her

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