FRANK KINSEL – \’At Home\’ (Epic BN 26492) 1969

Here\’s an interesting album of folk blues with a tinge of country all played superbly by Frank Kinsel and various other famed musicians including Bill Wolfe (6 string guitar) Kevin Kelley (drums) Red Rhodes (steel guitar) and Wolfgang Melz (bass guitar).

My taster for the album is the loner vibration blues of \”Gamer.\” This long player rarely turns up and not a great deal of information about it has ever surfaced. An obscure release on Epic.

\”There I was in the middle of the grey on beige fifties and my older brother was diggin\’ Etta James singing \’Roll With Me Henry\’ (Dance With Me Henry was the successful mass media cop out). There was some kind of a beginning for me in music as an expression, feeling, or movement at that time. It was the only way out…. or in. It was either tan shoes and a clean smile or a beer and a \’50 Merc.

Rhythm and Blues groups were a way of life and every party had a basement group composed of four or five guys who could carry on the most.

Detroit, I remember you. Expressways turned to freeways and time went by. Michigan, you looked very pretty when it snowed or when the sun set on your lakes. I sang songs for a while there: some were about you and some were about me, then I moved west.

California and San Francisco were like a new energy force that I hadn\’t felt before, so I stayed and wrote and sang and experienced and experienced some more and came up with ideas to record. So I moved to the south into a somewhat populated city (plug for my new album) named Los Angeles.

This is a rather short summary of where I have been for awhile. If it seems incomplete, fill it in with your own life. Have a good day.\”
(Frank Kinsel) 


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