RON DANTE – \’Let Me Bring You Up\’ /\’How Do You Know\’ (RCA Victor 49.683) July 1970

This is a recent purchase of a two sided bubblegum blast by The Archies singer Ron Dante. I wrote about one of his earlier 45s a few months back, check out the archives.

These songs were part of his long player \”Ron Dante Brings You Up\” and they\’re here on a stereo single to promote his solo album. \”Let Me Bring You Up\” is a commercial pop song with the necessary bubblegum trimmings but the flip \”How Do You Know\” is something of a long lost delight.

Listen out for the organ bursts and hand-claps in combination with a bouncy rhythmic beat. It could almost be late 1967 again but it\’s not. Sadly, it\’s now 1970 and bubblegum is starting to sound like yesterday\’s news as the heavy rock style and progressive blues start to hold sway.

Both songs were written by the Jeff Barry and Andy Kim songwriting partnership. They wrote the hits for The Archies including \”Sugar Sugar\” but couldn\’t repeat the magic with Ron Dante, at least chart wise.
RON DANTE – How Do You Know

One thought on “RON DANTE – HOW DO YOU KNOW

  1. I love everything Ron Dante! He's next to Dion DiMucci on all time versatile vocalists, and he wrote some decent pop songs as well. He was also 'in' The Detergents and The Cuff Links.


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