FORD THEATRE – \”Theme For The Masses\” / \”From A Back Door Window (The Search)\” (ABC 45-11118) 1968

These two songs were chosen by ABC to promote Ford Theatre\’s debut album \”Trilogy For The Masses\” and I\’m presuming that they\’re edited to fit on a single, in particular \”From A Back Door Window (The Search)\” which fades out just as the heavy psychedelic keyboards start rumbling. I really must make an effort to buy the album!

I\’m not quite sure where this single originates from, it\’s a European release but the blue label holds no clues. I\’m sure I bought this from a Belgian record dealer some years ago. It\’s quite a rarity with the picture sleeve and doesn\’t appear to be that well known.

By the way, I posted this picture sleeve on my outasite way back in August 2007 but never got around to writing about it. Almost eight years later I\’m finally giving Ford Theatre my tyme.

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