THE EASYBEATS – \”She\’s So Fine\” / \”The Old Oak Tree\” (Parlophone A-8157) May 1965

Fifty years ago, this dynamic single by The Easybeats was released and it\’s surely one of their best rockers. \”She\’s So Fine\”, written by the Vanda – Young partnership and recorded at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne was a big hit in Australia reaching #03 propelling this fabulous beat combo to national acclaim, particularly amongst their fans.

The hit has been deemed more or less the start of Easybeats fan hysteria, similar to \”Beatlemania\” and was dubbed by the Australian press as \”Easyfever.\”

One thought on “THE EASYBEATS – SHE\’S SO FINE

  1. She's So Fine was written by Wright and Young. The lead singer, known as Little Stevie, wrote with George Young and together they came with all of the A-sides and almost all the songs during the Easyfever period including three albums and an exclusive EP. Lead guitarist Harry Vanda starting writing exclusively with George after the band arrived in England in 1966.


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