THE AVENGERS – \”Be A Cave Man\” / \”Broken Hearts Ahead\” (Star-burst SB 125) November 1965

At the tail end of 1965 The Avengers released their second single on the hip Star-burst label that operated out of Hollywood, Los Angeles. I\’ve wrote many times on my site about this ultra fab Bakersfield combo and interviewed key members who have supplied excellent information and previously unpublished photographs.

Their screaming organ and guitar pounder \”Be A Cave Man\” was covered recently on my website so what about \”Broken Hearts Ahead\” on the flip? It was composed by Kenneth Johnson who supplied other songs to The Avengers and recorded under various group names including The Chocolate Tunnel.

His \’Broken Hearts Ahead\’ is a pleasant tune that reminds me of the country influenced folk rockers Mike Nesmith wrote for The Monkees. There is plenty of harmonica and jangle, in other words a winner all the way.

my Avengers Facebook tribute page

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