THE AVENGERS – \”I Told You So\” / \”Shipwrecked\” (Star-burst Records 128) March 1966

One of the many delights of having a music blog, mostly dedicated to 60s garage and psychedelic groups, is that sometimes one of the members of a 45 I review gets in touch with me. Over the years I\’ve been fortunate to have made contact with Greg Likins, Gerry Blake and Gary Bernard from the mighty Avengers.

The Avengers were from Bakersfield but recorded most of their music at Gary S. Paxton\’s home studio in Los Angeles. I\’ve highlighted the other side \”I Told You So\” previously so I\’ll concentrate on \”Shipwrecked\” during this post.

\”Shipwrecked\” is a tough punker dominated by a farfisa organ sound by Gerry Blake. To my ears it sounds heavily influenced by Northern Ireland band Them, the vocal delivery is pure Van Morrison.
The song was written by the mysterious William Powell. He co-wrote the previous single \”Be A Cave Man\” with Gary S. Paxton. If anyone knows who the songwriter William Powell is please let me know.

According to \”Teenbeat Mayhem\” the \”Shipwrecked\” is indicated a a cover version of a song originally recorded by Cookie & His Cupcakes. However, my research has led nowhere and I\’ve found no evidence to confirm this.

my Avengers Facebook tribute page

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