MAE WEST with SOMEBODY\’S CHYLDREN – \”Way Out West\” (Capitol T-6190) June 1966

Don\’t say I never bring you some weird and wonderful records to my blog, take this one for instance by Hollywood actress Mae West called \”Way Out West\” where she teams up with a teenbeat group called Somebody\’s Children and together they come up with the goods.

By 1966 Mae West was in her early seventies so it must have been such a surprise in Los Angeles to hear her singing/talking/purring her way through an albums worth of rock \’n roll hits of the day including a cover of The Beatles \”Day Tripper\”, John Lee Hooker\’s \”Boom Boom\” and this one under my spotlight \”Shakin\’ All Over\” by Johnny Kidd & the Pirates.

\”Shakin\’ All Over\” really moves courtesy of a terrific and vibrant backbeat by The Somebody\’s Children. They\’ve featured on my site several times before with their monstrous \”I\’m Going Back To New York City\” from May 1966, released on Uptown Records.

In this album, Mae rocks and rolls to an especially selected repertoire of the latest rock \’n\’ roll hits, backed by the dynamic young group Somebody\’s Chyldren. Her voice is torrid. Her beat is sensational. Her rhythm is like no other rhythm in the business. When she sings these emotional lyrics, they take on a deep and feelingful meaning. It\’s as though Mae was made for rock \’n\’ roll, and rock \’n\’ roll was made for Mae. (liners)

Billboard – June 1966

Billboard – June 1966


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