THE BASKERVILLE HOUNDS – \”Featuring Space Rock – Part 2\” (Dot Records DLP 25823) September 1967

You\’ve heard and read about their records on my site, so let me bring you the boys themselves, The Baskerville Hounds.

Dante Rossi: Age 23 – Guitar and singer

Dante has the drawing power of a huge magnet. On stage his comic appearance, combined with a bubbling personality, constitutes leadership. He is always himself, he doesn\’t believe there is a time and place for everything, but instead is spontaneous. A natural wit, he usually speaks before he thinks. This is normally disastrous, but in Dante\’s case, it becomes a tool of his trade. Dante loves girls, in any size, shape or form (with great \”success\”), pizza and spaghetti, in that order.

William Emery: Age 21 – Bass guitar

A child prodigy, Bill plays concert violin. As a gag he tried the bass guitar and found that he enjoyed it. He has a sleepy look on his face which seems to attract the girls. Many gags have been tried on Bill, when he is performing, to try to make him crack a smile. It has not yet been accomplished. Whoever does this will have great esteem among his friends. Bill loves sports cars, tall brunettes and sleep, sleep and more sleep.

Lawrence Meese: Age 20 – Lead guitar, harmonica, singer

Larry is an accomplished jazz guitarist with speed, technique and soul. When Larry sings his R&B sound is completely authentic. He writes, arranges, produces and is truly in love with his guitar. Larry\’s sexy voice is featured on three numbers in this album. Larry is as homespun and gingham and apple pie. He is not a gambler, doesn\’t drink, smoke and is deeply religious. Larry loves music, girls named Pam and dogs.

Jack Topper: Age 19 – Organ, Piano, Vibes, Accordion, singer

A child prodigy who performed on the piano at Carnegie Hall at the age of 10. Jack is a very warm person, who\’s magnetic personality is reflected in his music. Jack eats, sleeps, walks and talks music. Jack is one of our finest critics. Jack\’s cosmopolitan background has had a great influence on his natural ability to make friends. He was born in Italy, lived for a time in Israel and finally settled in America. Listen to him on \”Jackie\’s Theme\” which he penned himself. Jack digs girls, food, girls, food, more girls and more food.

Michael Macron: Age 19 – Drums, singer

A real tough drummer who had big shoes to fill and has done a wonderful job of filling them. The Hounds demand a tremendous punch, true cadence and tight brakes. Mike supplies the pulse of the big sound of The Baskerville Hounds. He has a natural acting ability and the remarkable talent of portraying a store window mannequin, which has convulsed audiences. Mike loves Lebanese food, slender blondes (girls) and Danny Thomas.

write to The \”Hounds\” in care of Tema Enterprises, 13310 Caine Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, 44105.

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