THE BEETHOVEN SOUL – \”The Beethoven Soul\” (Dot Records DLP-3821) September 1967

This album by Los Angeles group The Beethoven Soul is not mind bending psychedelia but if you dig sunshine pop with some flower-power hippie elements from the \’67 pop era then this album is probably gonna be your bag.

I wrote about the single taken from the album a few days ago \”The Walls Are High\” / \”Good Time Gal\” which gives a good indication of the type of well produced harmony pop on offer. Another highlight is their version of \”Walkin\’ Through The Streets Of My Mind\” also recorded by English group Timebox and released as a single B-Side during October 1967.

Not a great deal of information exists online about The Beethoven Soul and I\’m curious if they played gigs on the Sunset Strip. Members Otis Hale, John Lambert and Richard Lewis became members of Pollution who released records on Capitol and then Prophecy.

Andrea Kouratou (strings)
Bill Powell (guitar)
John Lambart (bass)
Dick Lewis (brass – keyboards)
Otis Hale (woodwinds)
Terry Nu (percussion)

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