COLOURS – \”Atmosphere\” (Dot DLP-25935) May 1969

By the time Colours reconvened to record their second (and last) album for Dot Records they were down to a duo, Jack Dalton and Gary Montgomery. Bassist Carl Radle and drummer Chuck Blackwell joined Delaney & Bonnie, Rob Edwards also quit the band.

New members on board to help with the recording of \”Atmosphere\” were Richard Crooks (drums), ex Moon member, David Jackson (bass) one time Beach Boy and David Marks (guitar). Former bassist Carl Radle also helped out on some cuts.

\”Atmosphere\” is less heavy on The Beatles influence and more late 60s rock with jazzy moves. There are some pleasing songs especially my pick \”It\’s Time To Tell You\” which sounds very much like Dalton and Montgomery were listening to a lot of Cream before recording this one.

Sessions for the album took place at the back end of 1968 at Columbia Studios and Sound Recorders.Also interesting is the albums artwork which was created by legendary Fillmore poster designer Victor Moscoso.

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