THE UN-FOUR-GIVEN – CRY CRY (Cry, Little Girl)

THE UN-FOUR-GIVEN – \”Cry Cry (Cry, Little Girl)\” / \”Love Me To Pieces\” (Dot 45-16963) October 1966

This record leaves me with more questions than I can answer. Just who were The Un-Four-Given? Both sides of this disc have never troubled the compilers and the group are not even mentioned in 60s garage book \’Teenbeat Mayhem.\’

Both songs were written by Mike Appel. Now I can only assume that this is the same person who was a member of The Balloon Farm who had a 1967 hit with \”A Question Of Temperature.\” He then went into Management and Production eventually having success with Bruce Springsteen. Mike Appel produced his first three albums.

So, perhaps The Un-Four-Given were Mike Appel\’s teenage garage band before he was a member of The Balloon Farm? Anyway, \”Cry Cry (Cry, Little Girl)\” is a fabulous piece of psych tinged pop with a trippy guitar sound. The other side \”Love Me To Pieces\” is pleasant sixties pop.

2 thoughts on “THE UN-FOUR-GIVEN – CRY CRY (Cry, Little Girl)

  1. Thank you for your series featuring Dot releases. That was a great idea! Do you have any plans to do another series of posts focusing on a different record label? I imagine you've got a lot singles in your collection that were never before released on label-specific compilations…


  2. I planned to focus on the Acta label, which was an off-shoot of Dot Records. I may do that at some point in time but I'm now concentrating on 60s British Beat and R&B.


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