THE DELRAYS – \”Lollipop Lady\” / \”(There\’s) Always Something There To Remind Me\” (Arch Records ARA-1301) 1968

There is quite a substantial amount of information about The Delrays on various websites so I\’ll just recap what is known about them with my entry. They hailed from Mascoutah, Illinois and released two singles. This one under the spotlight on Arch Records and another one on Stax. I\’ve not heard \”Don\’t Let Her Be your Baby\” / \”I Want To Do It (Marry You)\”

\”Lollipop Lady\” written by guitarist Tom Bowles was the debut disc on the newly formed Arch Records. It was released sometime in 1968. It\’s a brisk affair with elements of bubblegum merging with a heavier sound, just check out that wah-wah. The other side is the famous Bert Bacharach – Hal David tune but it falls flat on my ears and is just not my scene.

Tom Bowles (guitar)
Denny Ambry (bass)
Don Biever (drums)
Russ Bono (lead guitar / vocals)
Michael McDonald

more Delrays information here. 

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