THE ILL WINDS – \”A Letter\” / \”I Idolize You\” (Reprise 0492) July 1966

The second and final Ill Winds single was the country pop tune \”A Letter\” which doesn\’t do much at all for me and it appears neither for the kids of \’66 because the single bombed and the group disappeared.

Far superior is the rockin\’ \”I Idolize You\” on the other side. The song was written and recorded by Ike & Tina Turner. It\’s also been done by several other groups in the 60s but perhaps not as groovy as The Ill Winds. They should have used this as their A-Side, perhaps things may have worked out differently for them.

3 thoughts on “THE ILL WINDS – I IDOLIZE YOU

  1. … not as groovy as the Ill winds? these australian cats beat them in coolness 100%. just check'em out at


  2. the Python Lee Jackson has a different arrangement, much slower tempo. The ill Winds still are the grooviest and the best for my taste. I've heard the other versions, I'm not into soul music so they don't register at all with me.


  3. ..different arrangement / slower tempo = coolness, that's what I mean (not soul but mod). I trade the complete Boston hippy band discography for one oringinal Lee Jackson single!


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