THE OTHER HALF – \”I Need You\” / \”No Doubt About It\” (Acta 806X) July 1967

The first ever release on the newly formed Acta label was by The Other Half, a group based in Sherman Oaks, San Francisco. That particular record was \”Wonderful Day / \”Flight Of The Dragon Lady\” (Acta 801). I don\’t have a copy of that disc but I do have their Yardbirds inspired twin spin under my spotlight today, and it\’s the Canadian pressing..

Now on board with The Other Half was lead guitarist Randy Holden who had recently departed The Sons Of Adam. Randy brought with him an abrasive guitar sound and proto-type heavy rock riffage. Check out \”I Need You\” for some killer psychedelic rock thrills. The other side \”No Doubt About It\” is pure Yardbirds style energy with fuzz.

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