THE PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY – \”Peppermint Trolley Company\” (ACTA A-38007) 1968

I\’m still on my ACTA trip which brings me to this sadly overlooked album by The Peppermint Trolley Company. This one has been a regular on my turntable since I bought the album back in the late 80s from Funhouse Records in Kent.

Basically, if you dig The Left Banke or The Association you need to hear this. Perfect soft psychedelia with harmonies. I\’ve mentioned them before of course and I will do so again, I\’m sure.
Check out the album cut \”Reflections (On A Universal Theme)\”for a spoonful of sweet mind medicine.

The music for the album was recorded at C.P. MacGregor Studios & H & R Recording Studios. Produced by Dan Dalton with arrangements by Dan and The Peppermint Trolley Company. Chad Stuart helped out on two cuts \”Trust\” and \”Pat\’s Song.\” 

Line-up: Danny FaragherVocals / Clavinet / Organ / Trombone / Piano / Percussion Jimmy FaragherVocals / Bass / Percussion Greg Tornquist Guitar / Vocals / Percussion Casey CunninghamDrums / Percussion

Yesterday I made contact with Danny Faragher via Facebook.

\”Hi Colin, this is Danny Faragher(Pictured in red band jacket above. Played keyboards.) Thanks for posting this song. I\’m really proud of this recording. I think it is a timeless gem.
We started off with a great song written by my brother Jimmy (Yellow jacket – bass), and Patrick McClure, whom, sadly, we lost last year. With Greg Tornquist, (2nd from right – guitar) the three of us worked up the vocal arrangement in the kitchen of our Silver Lake pad in a 4 hour session as the sun disappeared from the sky, oblivious to the light fading out. Casey Cunningham (on right), was our superb drummer. I played a clavinet on this track. Really going for that baroque sound. So glad you dig it.\”

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