M.F.Q. – \”Don\’t You Wonder\” / \”I Had A Dream Last Night\” (Dunhill D-4137) April 1968

By the time this third and final Dunhill single was released M.F.Q. had already broken up, so perhaps this was a contractual release by Dunhill Records as they had no band to promote it. Chip Douglas was now a member of The Turtles and was working as a Producer for The Monkess.

Drummer Eddie Hoh was now a session drummer, Jerry Yester had joined The Lovin\’ Spoonful, Tad Diltz was now working as a photographer and Cyrus Faryar had signed with Elektra Records.

So what of the music on this disc? \”Don\’t You Wonder\” is a pleasant enough pop song aided with flourishes of what sounds like an early synthesizer. This one reminds me of Sagittarius. The flip, and perhaps more commercial song, is the dreamy harmony pop of \”I Had A Dream Last Night\”, also written by Chip Douglas who produced both sides.

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