THEE JEZEBELS – \”Black Book\” / \”Cried Over You\” (State Records THS-019) April 2015

Thee Jezebels are a new female trio based in Hastings on the South East coast of England who earlier this year released their debut disc on the ever collectable State Records. The self-penned songs written by guitarist / vocalist Laura Anderson were recorded in glorious MONO, ideal for their kind of brutal and primitive rhythm & punk.

\”Black Book\” recalls those early Glam Rock stompers, the jagged rhythms, screechin\’ Quatro vocals, menacing bass and clattering drum action are out to destroy and if you just happen to be in their little black book it ain\’t gonna end pretty, in fact it could be carnage.

The flip \”Cried Over You\” follows the mean sound of \”Black Book\” but has a faster pace and races along like an out of control train. Listen out for 70s style \”Hey Hey Hey\’s\” and handclaps. This is a really rockin\’ side.

The single was recorded and mixed at The Ponswood Hit Factory on the 10th of January 2015.   
Check out Thee Jezebels Facebook page here which is where I obtained these two promo photos.

Laura Anderson (guitar/vocals)
Letty Gallagher (bass)
Lois Tozer (drums)

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